Volunteers Wanted

We are currently seeking volunteers to provide a highly valued service to the public in the philippines. You may be a student, jobless or retiree, or just someone who has some time to give.

Volunteers come from many backgrounds and walks of life and we recognise and value every volunteer’s unique ability.

The role of a volunteer is to raise funds and to help provide information to the public about the serious threat of violent and criminal gangs in specific areas of the country and to protect our children, families and friends from violence and crimes caused by foreign criminal gangs and syndicates in the philippines.

Use your time and talent to volunteer in your community or in our Cebu headquarters. Volunteering is a great way to support our mission. Whether its raising awareness or funds or helping with administrative tasks, we couldn’t do our work without a passionate team of volunteers.


Who can volunteer?

  • People who have some available time and who wish to help others.
  • People with a happy enthusiastic approach to life.
  • People who enjoy chatting or being with others.
  • People who enjoy being part of a team.
  • People who care about others.
  • People who want to make a difference.

What are the benefits of volunteering?

  • The ability to work as valued members of the team.
  • Experience new challenges, share and learn skills and abilities.
  • Having fun, meeting new people and building friendships.
  • Enrich the world of others whilst enriching your own.
  • Satisfaction from doing something different to make a difference!
  • Confidence and Strengh.

What are some of the volunteer roles?

  • Talking with victims or potential victims.
  • Reporting related news  to the public.
  • Discourage bikers from joining criminal biker gangs.
  • Escorting victims or witnesses to police or court.
  • Making up biker information packs.
  • Fundraising for rescue operations.

How do I become a volunteer?

Contact the Service Manager by email: